Have you heard of “Rent to Own or Lease Purchase or Lease with Option to Buy” but don’t understand what it is? There are pro’s and con’s when it comes to both renting, owning and Rent to Own.

The top 3 Reason to Rent to Own instead of just renting?

  1. Work on qualifying for a mortgage WHILE you’re in the home you’re gonna buy!
  2. Stop throwing ALL of your money out the window each month and get some of it back!
  3. YOU get to make the home how you like it AND benefit from it!

There are many other reasons doing a Rent to Own / Lease Purchase makes more sense than just renting and having nothing to show for it. Want more info on if a Rent to Own makes sense for you? Call us today at 952-204-7191 or CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED!